2017Penghu Autumn Festival
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Nanliao Community

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Nanliao Community- A farmer’s kitchen


Located between the Kuibi Mountain and Huxi Township, Nanliao Community preserves the most traditional farming practices and ancient architecture. Tourists are able to witness significant historic structures, including houses made of red tiles, coral stones, and basalt stone walls, Caizhai, fish-cooking kiln, ox carts, and three-section compounds. The glorious past and artistic decorations in recent years have revived and renewed the community.

Earth oven

Cut the white popinac → dig a hole → put food inside the hole → use the cow manure cakes on top to cook the food → enjoy the food at the rest stop

A peanut tour in Nanliao

◎ Women with masks→plough the ground → grow peanuts →fry peanuts with sands →Nanliao Organic Farm

◎1.Plough the ground, grow peanuts (souvenirs: peanuts and Penghu herb tea) 2.women with masks, fried peanuts

◎Seafood set meals, Niu Shai Cake


Fun at Farming Village

◎Guided route: Community Activity Center →No. 78 Historical Residence →Cowpat Trough→pile coral stones →silver grass→cook on the fish-cooking kiln →Community Activity Center (adjusted schedule according to season)

◎ DIY activity: 1. Introduce Caizhai  2. Cow manure cakes

◎ Cook thin noodles on the fish-cooking kiln, Niu Shai Cake