2017Penghu Autumn Festival
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Erkan Community

Production Information

Erkan Community Traditional-style kitchen


Erkan Village, a government-designated traditional and protected habitation area, is the island’s first traditional and protected habitation area. Today, Erkan Village still keeps its ancient old tradition and cultures as well as the historical houses. After community development in recent years, it has become one of Penghu’s cultural attractions with a variety of museums around. There are Folk Museum, Intertidal Zone Museum, Community Museum, Chinese Medicine Museum, Children’s Folklore Museum, and Praise Songs Museum for tourists to experience Erkan’s local lifestyle


Banter songs classroom

Route: Shepherd café → sing praise songs → experience Xiyu-style head scarf (taste tofu pudding)


 A nostalgic tour

◎Guided route

Basalt secret area → Erma tofu pudding → Erkan Chen Residence → Erkan Old Street → Shepherd café

◎DIY activity

 1. Wrap the head scarf   2. Sing praise songs

◎Try local food

 Traditional snacks, tofu pudding, drink





Tour group: Minimum number of people- 10 / maximum number of people-20 (the fare does not include traffic and insurance)