2017Penghu Autumn Festival
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Cai Yuan Community

Production Information

Cai Yuan Community – Kitchen for fresh seafood


Tourists will learn more about the Tsai Yuan Community and experience the hard work from people who keep oysters. There are also a number of DIY activities. For instance, tourists can use the oyster shells to decorate the Wish Wall or turn the drift materials into installation art.

Fish scale flowers

◎DIY fish scale flowers

◎Fish thin noodles and steamed oysters



Fisherman’s trip

◎Dongan Temple →12 Chinese zodiac → 3D painting → mountains of oyster shells → wharf (culture pond) → Community Activity Center

◎1. Shuck oyster or culture pond

2. Paint the drift materials and decorate the Wish Wall with oyster shells

◎Seafood thin noodles (oysters / fish), drinks