2017Penghu Autumn Festival
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Beiliao Community

Production Information

Beiliao Community-Fisherman's kitchen


By following the Slow Fish Movement, tourists are able to enjoy the fresh local seafood. After having delicious seafood dishes, local people will introduce Beiliao Community’s longline fishing village and the enriched ecology in intertidal zone from which local women make money.

I am a fisherman

◎Activity schedule: farmer’s daily life →experience the longline fishing (with bait, without bait) →guided tour on the fishing boats at the wharf → introduce fish in Beiliao

Beiliao fishing village

Guided tour: experience longline fishing without bait 3000-year-old Dream Rock Bao-an Emperor Moses Parted the Sea (gorgeous sea view around the Kubishan) fishing port tour The Hong’s Ancient Mansion Ancient Indian Almond Tree Community Activity Center

Handmade white popinac products

Seafood congee, bearded croaker, side dishes, snacks