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Traffic information-ferries
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Traffic information-ferries


Tourists can take ferries from ports in central and southern Taiwan to Penghu. Services will be adjusted according to season and climate. It is recommended to do enquiry before departure.

Lightweight boats

Services of lightweight boats are available in summer and would often stop when the weather is vile or during winter. One-way journey takes about 90 minutes. Taihwa Boat: Taihwa Boats travel between the Xin Bin Wharf in Kaohsiung and Magong Commerce Harbor. One-way journey takes about 4 hours. Taihwa Boat is in operation in winter and on summer evenings.

Ferries among the Penghu islands

Passengers leaving for islands at the North Sea, East Sea, and South Sea can purchase tickets at either the North Sea Visitor Center in Baisha Township, Citou Visitor Center in Citou Village, or South Sea Visitor Center in Magong City. Services will be adjusted according to season and climate. Please do enquiry before departure.

Nanhai Star to Kaohsiung

Magong waiting room


Public Transport Management Office

06-9213822 #102、103 

Wangan Ticket Office


Qimei Ticket Office


Kaohsiung Ticket Office



Shipping company

Taihwa Boat



All Star



Today First



Triumph III, Triumph VI






Taiji Star